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WING Pendant

WING Pendant


Gracefully moving with a gentle aura, WING Pendant illuminates any space with a playful tease of light and shadows. The designer’s keen eye and creative inspiration brought forth WING’s exquisite “Dual lighting” feature. Its translucent dualleaf diffuses light softly upwards, swaying elegantly to create a cozy and ethereal environment. Meanwhile, downwards, the high-performance LED CRI>95, and high-efficiency optical lens narrows the beam angle to provide ample illumination without glare for practical needs. With bold yet subtle design elements, WING Pendant strikes a beautiful balance between imagination and reality, seamlessly weaving light into a dynamic beauty any space would wish to embrace.

  • Product Info

    Color   white PC + matt black
    Size L 20.9″ x W 20.9″ x MAX Hang Height 78.7″

Color: Black
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