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Alvaro Siza X Camerich: Baiana Chair

First debut as a prototype during the “Siza Pavilion for Camerich” in 2019 CIFF, the Baiana Chair embodies what Alvaro Siza envisioned in a chair: A design that is light in weight yet structurally sound. It is simplistic, yet intricate in detail. It is a chair that is accessible to the public, not just because of its affordability, but also because of its ability to adapt into various interior environments.

The Baiana Chair collection will be available in both Arm & Armless versions, in Natural, Dark Grey, and Espresso finishes. The Natural Ash will be the most reflective of Siza’s design inspiration for the Baiana chair, allowing the natural wood grain and mother natures’ imperfections to show through in its most organic form. Baiana will be available with leather or rattan seating.

Every Baiana Chair will be inscribed with Alvaro Siza’s signature, with a limited production release for the first year, making the Baiana chair not only a highly attractive piece of furniture, but also a collector’s item for the years to come.

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